Web Interviewer Overview

January 29, 2020

Web interviewer is a facility of Survey Solutions allowing the interviewers to work from the server, similar to supervisors and headquarter users.

Similarly to the Interviewer App on the tablet, the web interviewer allows interviewers to view their dashboard and conduct interviews. There are, however, some differences between the web interviewer and the Interviewer App:

Interviewer App Web Interviewer

Devices Android-based tablets Any devices with a web-browser

Access to internet Required for synchronization only Required all the time

Interviews appear on the server After synchronization of tablet completed interviews will appear in status Completed, incomplete interviews don’t appear. Immediately as interviews started in status InterviewerAssigned, after completion in status Completed.

Question types and design structures Limitations:

  • matrix presentation of categorical questions (will appear as series of individual questions);
  • table presentation of rosters (will appear as roster with item buttons).


  • Geography question not supported;
  • Barcode question (will appear as text);
  • Picture question (upload image only).

Further articles explain particular aspects of working with the the web interviewer: