Web Interviewer Dashboard

March 30, 2020

Web interviewers have access to a dashboard equivalent in functionality to the dashboart of the tablet Interviewer App:

Dashboard tabs (pages)

The dashboard contains the following tabs (pages):

Tab Shows
start new assignments, on which new interviews are possible to start.
started interviews, which have been started by this interviewer, but not completed yet.
rejected interviews, which have been completed earlier, but then rejected by the supervisor/HQ users to this interviewer.
completed interviews completed by this interviewer, but not yet approved or rejected by the supervisor.


Interviewers may utilize the search box located above the table to find an interview with known interview key or value of an identifying question:

At the left side of the screen the interviewer may apply filters, to display only the interviews from a particular survey, particular version, or assignment:

Note that the time in the ‘Updated on’ column is displayed in the timezone of the interviewer (as reported by the device used to access the dashboard). So, in general the supervisor and interviewer may see different ‘Last updated’ values for the same interview if they are in different time zones.