Synchronization problems

Synchronization of the data between the tablet and server is a highly complex process of communication during which a number of actions are undertaken on both ends based on the flow of incoming data. Survey Solutions hides the complexity of it behind a simple Synchronize button available to the interviewer at any time. Normally, when synchronization is completed successfully, the interviewer receives a confirmation message and some summary statistics describing the actions taken (such as number of received assignments or transferred interviews).

May 16, 2018

Consequences of relinking a tablet device

When an interviewer account is created at the HQ, an interviewer may connect from any tablet. Once the interviewer has signed in, that device ID is remembered and the interviewer must continue using the same tablet. No other interviewer will be permitted to use the same device: they will not be able to enter their username unless the interviewer app is uninstalled (with immediate loss of all unsynchronized data). It is not possible for one user to work on several devices.

September 21, 2016


Diagnostics The diagnostics button provides a number of options for troubleshooting problems with synchronization. Under this menu you can: Check for updates to the interviewer application Test your network connection Manually back up the data collected to Headquarters Create a backup of data collected on the tablet device Share device specifications and information These actions are not typically taken by the interviewer, but rather by the supervisor or the surveys technical support in the case of troubleshooting problems on a particular tablet.

July 15, 2016