Data Export

Data Export Files

Overview The exported data will be in a .zip file containing one or more files. The number of such files is a function of the structure of the questionnaire, meaning that exporting produces one file per level of observation in the questionnaire, or in other words in addition to one file at the questionnaire level, each roster in the questionnaire will generate another export file. For example, one file for household-level variables, one file for household member-level variables, and one file for asset-level or consumption item-level variables.

August 18, 2016

Data Export Tab

Overview The Data Export tab enables headquarters to export: Data for all survey cases or by survey case status (interviewer assigned, completed, approved by supervisor, or approved by headquarters Binary data Metadata Paradata  How to export data  Step 1 Log in to the server as the headquarters user. If you are testing Survey Solutions, log in at Note that each institution using Survey Solutions will utilize their own server.

July 11, 2016