Standalone Server

July 17, 2019

A Standalone Survey Solutions Server is any server where Survey Solutions is installed outside of the cloud facilities managed by the Survey Solutions developers team.

Most of the users prefer the cloud-based servers for their reliability and convenience, yet standalone servers may be sometimes required for performance or legal considerations.

We strongly recommend our users who are just starting with Survey Solutions to use our free cloud servers on the WB infrastructure. There is a learning curve in collecting data with Survey Solutions CAPI and, from our experience, it might difficult for our users to adjust their data collection practices to protocols imposed by Survey Solutions simultaneously with dealing with issues that might arise from a local installation.

Local installation of Survey Solutions is also much harder for us to support. It is very difficult for us to separate issues related with local network configurations, firewalls, ports, etc. from the issue directly related with Survey Solutions. It is also difficult for the Survey Solutions support to work on the remote servers. In some cases, actions of inexperienced users caused data loses and interruptions in the data collection.

The server instances on the World Bank cloud provide level of data security and reliability that is extremely difficult to achieve with the local installation.

We recommend you using Survey Solutions on the World Bank cloud servers for two-three surveys and then discuss with us a possibility of switching to a local server.

The following articles describe the main points that you would need to know before you setup your server.

  • Study the requirements for a local server. These requirements are minimal and may be periodically revised. Your survey may require a different hardware configuration. You may need to calibrate for a few months before the survey to determine the optimal configuration.

  • Submit a request for a local server. This is similar to requesting a cloud server, but keep in mind that you will need to specify a public (external) fixed IP address of your server when you fill out the request. To find your public IP address, click here or here.

  • Follow the installation instructions to install the prerequisites and the Survey Solutions itself. The installation file for survey solutions may be obtained from the Downloads section of the self-service portal after your request for a local server is approved. The local installation requires the request to be submitted and approved (previous step).

  • Your network firewall or security software may need to be configured to permit Survey Solutions. See #3 in the FAQ.

  • Your backup system may need to be configured to cover the Survey Solutions data.

After the installation and configuration of your server follow the Survey Solutions release notifications and update your server periodically.