Standalone Installation

July 15, 2019

The setup has two parts, database installation and the application after that. Before running SurveySolutions.exe make sure that you have an installed and running instance of PostgreSQL.

You can download PostgreSQL from here and run the setup. We currently run PostgreSQL version 10.6 on our servers.
During the process you’ll set the port on which server will be running as well as a password for built-in user (postgres by default).

Now you can run SurveySolutions.exe. It will ask you for two parameters:
Install location – choose any or keep the default (C:\Program Files);
PostgreSQL connection parameters (default values will be already there) – here specify port and password from step 1.

That’s it. At the end, finish installation page will automatically open in your browser where you’ll be able to create administrator user for Survey Solutions Headquarters application. The link to the site will be automatically added to your start menu, but you can always access it by directly typing the address in the browser’s address bar.