Survey Solutions Server

June 9, 2020

This article describes the main steps to setup your own Survey Solutions server.

  • Study the requirements for a server. These requirements are minimal and may be periodically revised. Your survey may require a different hardware configuration. You may need to calibrate for a few months before the survey to determine the optimal configuration.

  • Follow the installation instructions to install the prerequisites and the Survey Solutions itself.

  • The installation file for survey solutions may be obtained from the Download section of the self-service portal.

  • There is only one installation set regardless where you want to install: to a physical server or to a cloud-based server.

  • To install the Survey Solutions to your server, follow the installation instructions.

  • If you are installing specifically to Amazon AWS cloud, there are additional instructions available: Installation to AWS.

  • Your network firewall or security software may need to be configured to permit Survey Solutions. See #3 in the FAQ.

  • Your backup system may need to be configured to cover the Survey Solutions data.

After the installation and configuration of your server follow the Survey Solutions release notifications and update your server periodically. You decide yourself on the frequency of the backups, updates and other maintenance that you do on your server.

The following page may be helpful in troubleshooting the errors with your server installation: Server errors.

If you experience any problem with exporting the data from the server, check out these instructions first.