Demo server

February 8, 2019

Survey Solutions developers team provides a special demo server equipped with the latest version of the Survey Solutions Headquarters for the users that want to:

  • explore the interface of the software,
  • try different roles,
  • test pre-loading data files,
  • see the new features added in a recent release.

It is important to understand that this server may not be utilized for real survey data collection, because this server is a public server that anyone in the world can access, and also because the demo server is also periodically cleared (erazed), when it accumulates a lot of old surveys or users that are no longer active, usually once a month.

When you are using the demo server, you will start with the headquarters user role, and can create your own supervisors and interviewers, import your own questionnaires, create assignments, conduct and approve interviews, export data.

To access the demo server, in your browser proceed to: and sign in with the username Headquarters1 and password Headquarters1.

We ask the users never change the password for this headquarters user on the demo server. We also ask the users not to interfere with each other. If you didn’t create a particular interviewer or supervisor account, don’t touch it, or the work assigned to it.

For a real survey you can request a dedicated cloud server with the advantages that:

  • it is not accessible to others;
  • it is not cleared during the time you requested;
  • you get the most powerful administrator account, which can create multiple headquarters, API and observer accounts.

If you are conducting training sessions on Survey Solutions with multiple participants, you can request a dedicated cloud server for the time of the training.