Admin Settings

January 9, 2017

Administrators of the server can enable data export encryption, add a logo to the server home page, and see the admin auditing log. 

These can be enabled by accessing the *Settings* menu from the user drop down menu at the top right of the page.


Data Export Encryption 

This allows administrators to password protect data files. Select the *enable encryption* check box. The password for the data export files will automatically be generated, and can be reset by clicking on the refresh button.


An image can be placed next to the login form in the web interface to customize the site appearance for a particular organization or survey. The image can be uploaded in a JPG or PNG format and must have dimensions of 329x365 pixels.


Audit Log

Displays a record of all the main actions taken on the server, identifying who made the action, and when. Examples include: importing a questionnaire on the server, initiating data, deleting a questionnaire, etc.