Application Programming Interface (API)

API: R-package

Introduction to the Survey Solutions API R-package Why this package The World Bank’s Computer Assisted Survey System (CASS) Survey Solutions is a powerful tool for high quality data collection and used in many statistical offices around the world. Besides the standard GUI, it also comes with a powerful REST API. To further facilitate its integration in a fully automated workflow we have developed this R package, which covers almost all of the available API calls.

February 25, 2020

API interactive description

The following page contains an interactive description of the Survey Solutions API for the current release: If your server’s version is different, check its API at:

March 6, 2019

Survey Solutions API

Survey Solutions includes a powerful and flexible API which allows automating some tasks and allows our users to build larger systems, which may compliment Survey Solutions to achieve larger goals. We have shown earlier how an external application may use API to make Survey Solutions to export the data in the desired format. Other examples of use could be: an external dashboard or monitoring and reporting system, which updates some indicators every night and publishes them to a website, or an external checking and validation system which verifies collected data against some external sources of information and rejects automatically the incorrect interviews, or an integrated system, which utilizes Survey Solutions for data collections tasks and a statistical package for continuous analysis, facility management, inventory and price monitoring systems, etc, etc.

July 19, 2017

API for Data Export

Survey Solutions Headquarter provides a possibility for other [authorized] applications to perform data export. This is especially useful for creation of external dashboards, nightly automatic validations and other similar tasks. The API usage is performed with GET and POST HTTP requests addressed to the HQ server. All requests should be authorized via authorization of type: Basic. Note that an API user must be created on the server you address. The minimum set of tasks that the API users must be aware of to download the data includes:

September 19, 2016