Batch User Upload

June 30, 2016

Up to 10,000 user accounts can be created from a single tab-delimited file, which must include the login, password, and role of the user, and may include additional attributes, like email or phone.

Batch creation of user accounts comes handy when:

  • the same accounts need to be replicated on a different server;
  • migrating from a different CAPI system with established accounts;
  • the survey is so huge that manual creation of accounts via a web interface would take a significant amount of time.

Creating user accounts in batch mode is available to both the administrator and the headquarter users. For new supervisor accounts the role must be specified as Supervisor (case-sensitive). For interviewer accounts the role must be specified as Interviewer (case-sensitive), and in addition the login of the supervisor must be specified, which determines the team where the interviewer account will be added. Interviewers may be added to existing supervisors, or to new supervisors mentioned anywhere in the users list.

When creating new users with a batch upload feature, select the Batch user upload menu item of the Teams and Roles menu.

Survey Solutions will present the layout of the file it expects:

The fields login, password and role are mandatory, and must be filled out for every user in the list. Other fields are optional. Click the Choose File button to locate the file on your drive which contains the list of the users and click the Upload button to upload it to the Survey Solutions server.

Survey Solutions will validate the uploaded list of the users report if any problems are found:

  • empty required fields (login, password, role);
  • passwords not conforming to the security requirements (too short, etc);
  • duplicate user accounts;
  • unknown supervisors (all interviewers created must become part of the team of a supervisor known to the system);
  • and other checks.

If the program didn’t find any problems with the list of users, click the Create users button to start creating accounts in the batch mode. Depending on the number of users and server performance this process may take a few minutes.