Managing User Accounts

Survey Solutions Server Observer

Observer is an optional account, kind of an HQ user with a limited functionality, to passively monitor a survey. Observer accesses information through impersonation, looking through the eyes of a different user. An observer can do: Read individual interviews including any comments left; See reports; See lists of users and their profiles. An observer can not do: approve/reject interviews; create/delete assignments. any other change-state operations; download data. An observer account is created for a server, not for a survey!

October 6, 2017

Survey Solutions Server Administrator

Every Survey Solutions server has an administrator: Local server - the first user created after Survey Solutions is installed. Cloud server - the credentials are sent to the client that requested the server. An administrator can do everything an HQ user can do plus some exclusive actions: create HQ user accounts, observer user accounts and API user accounts (in addition to supervisors and interviewers as an HQ user can do), change passwords for these users; set up a logo for the server and the tablets; leave a message for all of the HQ users and supervisors; password-protect downloadable data; delete a survey (questionnaire and all data); unarchive a user; inspect the server audit log.

October 6, 2017

Batch User Upload

Up to 10,000 user accounts can be created from a single tab-delimited file, which must include the login, password, and role of the user, and may include additional attributes, like email or phone. Batch creation of user accounts comes handy when: the same accounts need to be replicated on a different server; migrating from a different CAPI system with established accounts; the survey is so huge that manual creation of accounts via a web interface would take a significant amount of time.

June 30, 2016

Teams and Roles Tab: Creating User Accounts

The Teams and Roles tab provides tools for managing the human resources responsible for data collection—creating, editing, and deleting user accounts for supervisors, interviewers, headquarters (administrator), and observers (administrator). This tab also provides access to the batch user upload feature, where up to 10,000 user accounts can be created from a single tab-delimited file. To learn more about batch user upload, please refer to this article.  Supervisor accounts Every survey needs supervisors.

June 30, 2016

Create User Accounts for Your Team

Step 1 Log in to your server using the headquarters username and password **Note that each institution using Survey Solutions will utilize their own server. Consequently, your username can differ from the one shown above.**  Step 2 Create accounts for supervisors To add a supervisor, click on the Teams and Roles tab at the top bar of the headquarters dashboard. On the new screen, click the button Add supervisor.

June 23, 2016