Standalone server form notes

April 22, 2020

Process overview

When it’s right time to set up your standalone server, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the self-service server portal.
  2. Log in using your Designer credentials. These are the credentials used to access and edit questionnaires developed with Survey Solutions Designer.
  3. Create a new server request. From the Create Request menu, select New server.
  4. Fill the form. Provide all requested information as accurately as possible.
  5. Submit the form. Click on the Submit button at the end of the form in order to submit your request. Take a note of the 4-digit number assigned to your request.

Continue reading until the end of this page for important details.

Important details

Do not submit a server request to test new functionality. There is a publicly available demo server arranged specifically for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also request a PDS (personal demonstration server)

Notes on filling out the server request form

  1. Do not abbreviate the survey and the organization names! Not “KLFS", but “Kuwait Labour Force Survey (KLFS)", not “GIZ", but “Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)".
  2. The form asks for web links to the sites of the funding and implementing organizations. Include the links to the most relevant pages, optimally the one that describes this particular survey (for implementing organizations) or this particular grant/loan/project (for funding providers).
  3. For surveys where the funding organization is The World Bank, specify the 6-digit project number P######, which can be looked up at this page or in your project funding documentation.

After submitting your request for a server:

  1. Our personnel will review your request. The decision process and server creation is not instantaneous, this will take time.
  2. If you need to follow up on your request and you are writting to the support, make sure that your inquiry contains the 4-digit request number that is issued when you submit your request.
  3. When you login to your account you should be able to see the verdict among the notifications.