Server Not Working

September 30, 2019

Survey Solutions team strives to provide reliable cloud server hosting. Once in a while we are receiving messages that a certain server “…is not working”. In most cases this is a problem with the user’s equipment used to access the server, rather than the server itself.

Before sending the report that a server is “not working” use any of the following tools to confirm that this is indeed the case:

These are the third-party tools and we neither produce, nor provide any training or support related to these tools.

If the above tools indicate that the server is functional, you will need to work with your network administrator to resolve the issue.

In your report include the information according to the ORANGE checklist:

Specifying all of this information will expedite the handling of the issue. If any of this information is missing, we may need to contact you to obtain it, which will delay the troubleshooting.

Occasionally we perform servers maintenance, which may involve rebooting the server and hence a brief interruption in service. These operations are rare and usually completed within a 15-minute period. If you are experiencing a server access issue, kindly make sure you have allowed at least 20 minutes to elapse, and retried before submitting the server access problem report.

For new cloud servers you may need to wait for the network to become aware of the new server presence. Even if you received the notification that your new cloud server is up and running, it may take up to 24-hours for DNS propagation process to complete before you will be able to actually reach it. In most cases however, this process does not take more than an hour.