How much does Survey Solutions cost?

The Survey Solutions software suite is always free. At the World Bank’s discretion, the platform for hosting the software - typically, a cloud server - may also be provided for free. The Survey Solutions team offers a full array of support services. Standard email support is free. The Survey Solutions team endeavors to answer all questions within 2 business days or less. More intensive support, such as on-site training or questionnaire development, may involve fees for cost recovery.

July 22, 2016

What tablets should I buy?

Technical Requirements Survey Solutions software works with Android tablets with the following specifications:  Version of Android: OS Android 4.3.1 or better is required; Android 5.0+ is strongly recommended. RAM Minimum 1.5GB Memory 8GB of flash memory storage. At least 1GB of available space must be available for Survey Solutions’ use. The Survey Solutions software installation package (.apk) is close to 30MB, but more space will be required during the operation of the software.

July 21, 2016