Features in Beta

Survey Solutions is an actively developed software. New features are added in monthly updates. Some of the features are released with status “beta”, meaning they are still being finalized and must be carefully evaluated for reliability and suitability by our clients. At the moment the following features are in the status “beta”: satellite map viewing, positioning, and area measurement on the tablets in the Interviewer App. This feature is known to be incompatible with Android 64-bit OS in versions of Survey Solutions prior to 18.

July 26, 2017

Is the Designer tool online now?

The Survey Solutions Designer tool is a web-based tool and is accessible over the Internet. As with any website, when you can’t use the site, it could be: a problem with the site, a problem with connection, or a problem with your own device. In order to identify if the problem is with the site or related specifically to you, other devices can be used to try accessing the same site.

July 26, 2017

FAQ for email support

Before writing your request, study the documentation online, read the FAQ, and browse this knowledge base. Don’t neglect Google or other search engines. This is usually the fastest way to get your issue resolved. It will also help you to use the right terminology when asking a question. Write your request clearly. If we don’t understand it, we will ask for clarification and it will take longer to resolve your issue.

July 24, 2017

Notes on Compatibility with version 5.21

With version 5.21, we are making a big change by replacing census and sample mode with assignments. Previously when importing a questionnaire, users had to decide between sample mode (with a quantity of 1 interview per case) and census mode (with an unlimited quantity of interviews). With version 5.21, users will simply import the questionnaire and then proceed to making assignments with the imported template. Assignments will give headquarters users more flexibility because they can now specify the quantity of interviews they want when they generate each assignment.

July 5, 2017

How secure is the World Bank Cloud?

The World Bank Cloud is doubly secure. First, by relying on Amazon AWS, it provides best-in-class protections for even the most security-sensitive organizations and their data. External certifying bodies and independent security auditors have awarded Amazon AWS the long list of security accreditations listed below. Please visit AWS compliance resource page for more information. Second, on top of Amazon AWS’ security protocols, the World Bank provides an additional layer of protection through its own additional security measures.

June 7, 2017

Comparing floating point numbers and precision problems

Our support service often receives reports on suspected bugs in Survey Solutions on the grounds of a situation similar to the one described below. These reports stem from misunderstanding of some fundamental concepts of how computations are done by a computer, and not due to an actual defect of the software. Problem description Suppose you have a questionnaire containing two numeric questions X and Y, and a third question Z with an enabling condition (X*Y) == 21.

February 6, 2017

Deleting a survey

Survey deletion is possible, but as a dangerous operation is made available only to server administrators. When a survey is deleted all data collected as part of that survey is irretrievably and irreversibly lost. Hence the same steps should be applied as described in actions after the end of the survey. Make sure you backup your data before deleting a survey! Even if this was training, pre-test, or a field test.

January 23, 2017

Actions after the end of the survey

When the server is shut down all its data is removed permanently and irreversibly. Hence, at the end of your survey you need to secure the collected data. Instruct the interviewers to stop conducting interviews, mark them as completed. Synchronize all the interviews data from the tablets to the server. Do the final approvals/rejections of the submitted interviews. In HQ proceed to the data export screen. Download ALL data in all formats (tab-delimited and Stata and SPSS).

January 23, 2017

Actions during the survey

As a designated server administrator you will perform a number of key activities during the survey field work: Monitor the functioning of the server. Collect and analyze user problem reports. Attempt to address them to the extent possible. Refer the users to the corresponding sections of the manuals. Elevate the problems requiring developers’ attention to support. Preserve the copies of the uploaded sample files and split-key files. Periodically download, back up, and securely store the export data.

January 23, 2017

Actions before the survey starts

Upon a successful request of the server you will receive an email with the server address and administrator credentials. Immediately as you receive this information do the following: Go (in the browser) to the server and log in with the credentials you’ve received. Change the password if so desired. Record your new password and store securely with your records. Confirm to us per email that you could log in to the server and ready for work.

January 23, 2017