Actions before the survey starts

July 28, 2020

Upon a successful request of the server you will receive an email with the server address and administrator credentials.

Immediately as you receive this information do the following:

  1. Go (in the browser) to the server and log in with the credentials you’ve received.
  2. Change the password if so desired. Record your new password and store securely with your records, but not in an open/visible place.
  3. Confirm to us per email that you could log in to the server and ready for work.
  4. Create accounts for one or more headquarter users (including one for yourself).
  5. Log out from the administrator account. For your own safety do not use administrative account for day-to-day operations. Use administrative account exclusively to perform the tasks that HQ users can’t perform, such as adjusting the server’s admin settings.
  6. Do not share the administrative credentials with anyone. Do not forward the email with the credentials to anyone. If you decide to change the password make sure you preserve the new one and follow the best practices to select a strong one.
  7. Do communicate the credentials for the accounts you create on your server with the corresponding users (supervisors, interviewers, etc). These users do not receive their credentials per email unless you send them yourself.

This article is part of the series of instructions for Survey Solutions cloud servers.