Actions after the end of the survey

January 23, 2017

When the server is shut down all its data is removed permanently and irreversibly. Hence, at the end of your survey you need to secure the collected data.

  1. Instruct the interviewers to stop conducting interviews, mark them as completed.
  2. Synchronize all the interviews data from the tablets to the server.
  3. Do the final approvals/rejections of the submitted interviews.
  4. In HQ proceed to the data export screen.
  5. Download ALL data in all formats (tab-delimited and Stata and SPSS). Download data even in formats which you don’t immediately plan to use.
  6. Repeat for every version of the questionnaire (if questionnaire was ever updated on the server).
  7. Repeat for other statuses (approved by headquarter, etc) as necessary.
  8. If you collected any multimedia data (images, audio,..) you need to download the binary files too. This can often be a lengthy download.
  9. Count the files and make sure you have downloaded all of them.
  10. Test every downloaded archive to make sure there is no data transfer error.
  11. Open every arcvhive and visually inspect downloaded files. If you notice any discrepancies immediately notify the support team.
  12. Store your downloads on a secure media
  13. Immediately make a secondary backup copy of the downloads, preferably on a non-eraseable media (CD/DVD).
  14. Clearly mark each backup copy. Indicate the user who created the backup, date, survey name, and other information. If you are uploading your backup to the file storage create an accompanying readme file.
  15. Do not transform, convert, or otherwise process the data downloaded from Survey Solutions server before securing the downloaded files.
  16. Review and save/print any reports you may need from the server. Reports are not part of data export.
  17. Notify the support team that the cloud server may be shut down.

This article is part of the series of�instructions for Survey Solutions cloud servers.