Tablet manufacturers

If you need to get device-specific information or solve a hardware issue, contact your tablet manufacturer for support or consult other users in manufacturer-specific forums. Here are a few community forums lead by the respective manufacturers: Acer; DELL; Hewlett-Packard (HP); Huawei; Lenovo; LG; NVidia; Samsung.

August 23, 2019

Support checklists

When reporting a technical problem in Survey Solutions, you may be requested by the support agent to collect the information based on one of the following lists. Red list #information itemexample 1Full server name https://demo.mysurvey.solutions 2User name (login) of the user(s) experiencing the problem IntJohn 3Date and time when the problem was last experienced, (if known, also when the problem was first experienced) Aug 7, 2019 at 16:34 Pacific Standard Time.

August 7, 2019

Scalability of Survey Solutions

The Survey Solutions supports horizontal scaling and may be deployed as a web-farm for servicing a large number of client connections. This is especially important for operations like population censuses and large national surveys. A web-farm installation is implemented on multiple systems (called nodes) working in concert to service the received requests. Increasing the number of nodes in the farm allows to improve the overall performance: the responsiveness of the system and number of users working simultaneously.

August 7, 2019

Cloud server request

Process overview After you have developed and thoroughly tested your questionnaire, request a new cloud server through Survey Solutions’ self-service portal. To do so, follow these steps: Navigate to the self-service server portal. Log in using your Designer credentials. These are the credentials used to access and edit questionnaires developed with Survey Solutions Designer. Create a new server request. From the Create Request menu, select New server request. Fill the server request form.

July 16, 2019

What tablets should I buy?

Technical Requirements Survey Solutions software works with Android tablets with the following specifications: Version of Android OS: Android 5.0 or better is required. RAM: Minimum 1.5GB Storage: 8GB of flash memory storage. At least 1GB of available space must be available for Survey Solutions’ use. The Survey Solutions software installation package (.apk) is less than 100MB, but more space will be required during the operation of the software. The ultimate requirements for space depend on the kind of survey (questionnaire) and the mode of use of the tablet (number of assignments, simultaneously started assignments, rejections, etc.

June 5, 2019

Server Requirements

Server requirements are periodically revised. The characteristics below are outlined for a survey of no more than 100,000 interviews. Contact support for a consultation if: your survey is larger, or you plan to host several surveys, or if you plan to collect any multimedia data (photos, audio recordings, etc), or there are other non-standard circumstances. Requirements for the server depend on the use and the type of the survey.

March 15, 2019

Which languages can be used?

This article discusses the appearance of the questionnaire. for changing the language of the software itself (Designer and Headquarters components), refer to Changing the Interface Language, for Interviewer refer to Interface Localization, for information about multilingual questionnaires refer to Multilingual Questionnaires. The questionnaire instrument can be designed in any language supported in Unicode. Survey Solutions will display text and allow entry in Unicode and the entered values will be preserved in the exported data.

November 12, 2018

Date and Time formats

This document uses the following notation to describe the date and time formats: Y - year M - month D - day h - hour m - minute s - second T - exactly letter T {AM|PM} - one of the two time specifications AM or PM. Mon - month abbreviated to 3 letters Month - full month name. DOW - day of week (such as Monday, Tuesday, etc).

June 27, 2018

Server Not Working

Survey Solutions team strives to provide reliable cloud server hosting. Once in a while we are receiving messages that a certain server “…is not working”. In most cases this is a problem with the user’s equipment used to access the server, rather than the server itself. Before sending the report that a server is “not working” use any of the following tools to confirm that this is indeed the case:

March 2, 2018

How to cite Survey Solutions in a publication?

The suggested citation for Survey Solutions is: The World Bank, 2018 Survey Solutions CAPI/CAWI platform: Release 5.26. Washington DC, The World Bank Please, specify the version and year corresponding to the version you were using at the time of the survey.

February 8, 2018