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Review an Interview

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017 03:52PM EDT

First, click on the Interviews tab at the top of the screen.
Then, click on the interview key of the interview that you would like to review.


To review the interview, the supervisor will need to use several tools.


If the survey case is a multilingual questionnaire, the supervisor can review the case in another language.

To do so, click on the Language dropdown menu on the top right and choose another language. 



To navigate through the questionnaire content, use two sets of filters. Those in the left-hand pane will allow you to navigate to various groups of questions.
Clicking on bold-faced headings will bring you to the beginning of a module.


Clicking on non-bolded, indented headings will bring you to the beginning of groups of questions or rows of a roster. The rows of roster will follow the following format: “Roster name: Roster row name”.

The supervisor can further navigate through the questionnaire by using the filters arrayed along the top of the screen: all, flagged, commented, answered, invalid, supervisor’s, enabled, and hidden. 

The All filter presents all questions. The commented and flagged filters display those questions with comments or flags, respectively. The answered questions, as the name suggests, are all those that have an answer. The unanswered questions are those that do not have an answer. The invalid filter displays those questions that failed a validation check (e.g., range, consistency with other responses, etc.). The supervisor’s filter yields those special questions that only the supervisor sees and can answer. The enabled and hidden filter returns questions that are available to be answered based on the skip logic of the questionnaire and answers provided to key questions.

Add a flag

The supervisor will have review large amounts of information in each questionnaire. Flags enable the supervisor to mark a particular question as a place to return later, perhaps when comparing the consistency of an answer in an early module of the questionnaire with an answer in a much later module of the questionnaire. The supervisor can see these flagged fields quickly, as explained above, by clicking on the flagged filter along the top of the questionnaire review screen.
To add a flag, navigate to the question where you want to leave a flag, moving your cursor to the left-hand side of the screen. Then, click on the flag icon.

Once a flag has been added, the supervisor can click on the flagged filter to see the field or fields bearing a flag.


Add comments

The space on the right-hand side of screen is also where the supervisor can both read comments from the interviewer and provide comments to the interviewer.
To leave a comment, hover over the question to comment and move your cursor to the right-hand side of the screen. Then, click on Comment text box. 
Next, type your comment into the field provided and press enter on your keyboard.


Approve, Reject

The culmination of reviewing the questionnaire is the supervisor’s decision to approve or reject the questionnaire.
To approve, click on the Approve button; to reject, the Reject button.

Whichever button is selected, a confirmation screen will appear with the opportunity to provide comments on the questionnaire as a whole.


At this confirmation screen, click on the Approve or Reject button. Make sure you are sure of your decision before proceeding. There is no way to un-approve or un-reject a questionnaire unless it is rejected by Headquarters.
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